Calling all little monsters. Forget Facebook. Toss Twitter. Move on from MySpace, if you haven’t already. The Mother Monster AKA Lady Gaga is launching her own social networking site that is specifically designed to create a community among little monsters and that which will allow some communication with Gaga herself.

The site, which is located here, is currently in beta testing form. You can request to be invited to the site by going there and submitting your email address. It’s like putting yourself on a waiting list. Once you sign up, you’ll get a confirmation email which reads as follows:

“Your invitation request has been received! We’re excited to share the world of LittleMonsters with you very shortly, keep an eye out for an official invite sometime soon.”

Music industry trade publication FMQB reported that is powered by Backplane, a social media startup that was created to help celebrities interact directly with their fans in the online space. Gaga already does that effectively via Twitter, but this will narrow the focus on her and her relationships with the most dedicated little monsters.

Gaga is also an investor in Backplane, so her open and honest communication and interaction with her fans via her own dedicated social networking site is crucial to making Backplane as a whole successful. She has a vested interest, so expect her to post lots of quality content to keep little monsters coming back.

Backplane also hopes to feature fan content and may eventually include interests beyond celebs in the future.