Watch your back, Carly Rae Jepsen! Lady Gaga ain’t too happy with you.

MTV reports that Jepsen’s infectious ‘Call Me Maybe’ just hit its seventh week at No. 1, breaking Mother Monster’s Billboard record for ‘Born This Way,’ which rested comfortably at No. 1 for six weeks. Gaga tweeted a warning to the Canadian cutie, writing, “@carlyraejepson I SEE you just swooped in and broke my BORN THIS WAY record of the most weeks at #1. DONT GET COMFORTABLE IM COMING FOR YOU.” Well, hot damn!

We’re inclined to think Gaga’s threat holds some water. The avant garde Gaga is working on her third album, whose title will be announced in September. She’s even treated fans to new songs, both playing tracks in her car and live. She’s also taking a cue from the oft-childlike Jepsen, telling fans her new album “lacks maturity.”

Still, we’re not sure if Jepsen has much to worry about (well, aside from her naked pics leaking, that is). For as famous as Gaga is, her singles (so far) have lacked the viral quality that made ‘Call Me Maybe’ infamous — she even got covered by Cookie Monster! — and she has yet to receive an endorsement from the Prom King of the tween set, Justin Bieber.

In any case, the real winners of this feud will be their fans. If they’re constantly trying to outdo one another, it can only mean they’ll work harder at making us sing along.

Watch the Carly Rae Jepsen ‘Call Me Maybe’ Video