A couple of super cool guys who are calling themselves the San Antonio Island Boys apparently believe they've experienced enough life in our great state to inform us which cities are the lamest, and I for one applaud them for their civic duty.

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So if you don't know who the original Island boys are, I'll give you Cliff Notes version.  They're twin brothers who got famous on TikTok for being a couple of rascals... or rappers? I'm not sure.  This is them doing a Cameo, which about sums up they're entire schtick.

So, as with any popular trend, there are always going to be copycats.  Are you a twin?  Do you have terrible tattoos covering your entire body including your face?  Do you have a terrible haircut? Are you lacking in any discernable talent whatsoever?

It might be time to launch your own "Island Boy" franchise

These two young fellas in San Antonia did just that.  Please allow me to ruin your day with the San Antonio Island Boys' list of the 5 lamest cities in Texas.

Beerland,  Roundrock, Midland, Killeen, and Irving.

No context, no explanation why. Just the list.  My favorite part is how they say Texas after each city name, just in case we forgot this list is about Texas.  Also, did you notice how the camera cut after each city name?  Was it too hard to list all 5 in one take?

The replies varied wildly.

Seriously, how are you going to call anything lame when you obviously are cutting each other's hair with a crooked cereal bowl?

I love that this person tries to defend Killeen. This list has no merit, my friend.

At leat one person agrees.


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