Leonardo DiCaprio may be taking a break from acting but that doesn't mean he can't do a commercial to keep that money pouring in. He recently filmed a Jim Beam commercial for Japan. I repeat for Japan, so you won't see this commercial anytime soon on your daily programming but feel free to check it out below. In the commercial you see DiCaprio shaping a ball of ice into a sphere and then shattering it with a snap of his fingers which all looks pretty cool. Plus he only had to memorize four words for this role so you could call this an easy pay check.

Apparently this is a pretty common things for celebrities to do foreign commercials. So why don't they just film commercials for American television? Obviously they don't want to decrease the value of their image by doing a bunch of commercials here at home. DiCaprio isn't the only celeb to do this though. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has promoted a Japanese energy drink (among other things, I found a video which includes 30 Japanese commercials he has done), while Christina Aguilera has been featured in a Pepsi commercial that aired in Asia but not in the US.