As a fan of all things Reese’s, I really want to see this happen.

Reese’s has come up with a safe way to trick-or-treat this Halloween. It’s a robotic door known simply as the “Trick-or-Treat Door.”

It’s designed to roll through neighborhoods dispensing King Size Reese’s Cups. Sure, it’s a bit creepy when you visualize a giant door rolling down the street on its own in front of your home, but we’re talking about the best damn candy of all-time, so I’m willing to risk falling victim to some sort of Maximum Overdrive style craziness.

The full-size door is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker that’s actively listening for the magic words, “trick-or-treat.” Once a trick-or-treater says the magic words, the door will dispense the candy through the mail slot.

Here’s what Reese’s had to say about the door in a press release, according to Fox News:

Rain or shine, protective masks or monster masks, the Reese's Trick-or-Treat Door provides a robotic, social-distancing option that brings Reese's Peanut Butter Cups right to your doorstep this Halloween. Your only job? Say ‘trick or treat’ after the Trick-or-Treat Door arrives at your doorstep and enjoy your Reese's treats!

It would be awesome if we could get that bad boy here in Wichita Falls. If you would like for it to make its way to Fallstown, leave a comment on the above Instagram post telling it to come here with the hashtag #ReesesDoor. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’ve done my part and commented on the post.

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