It’s been over three years now since a deadly earthquake hit Port-au-Prince in Haiti, and the area is still suffering the effects of the tragedy. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park visited the area in January to learn more about what is being done for relief in the area and to check on the work that has been done there by Music For Relief.

Since the earthquake and hurricane Sandy, the spread of Cholera has been rampant in the area, with it becoming an epidemic. Shinoda visited the Cholera Treatment Center while there, learning about treatment and the vast number of patients that are coming in suffering from the disease.

Music For Relief set up a recycling center, which he also went to. The business has brought jobs to the community, helped to clean up the area, and pumped about $500,000 into the economy. Shinoda says the center is “not a charity and it's providing people with real jobs and a real income. It's sustainable and it's scalable."

Watch the video below to see Shinoda’s trip to Haiti and learn more about the relief efforts in that area. To contribute to the Hurricane Sandy relief effort, visit