In a move that screams, “We’re officially out of new ideas!”, Lionsgate is reportedly “actively developing” the first new Saw movie in three years.

The website Bloody Disgusting has exclusively reported that while no director or writer is even attached at this moment, Lionsgate wants to put an eighth Saw film into production.  No other information beyond the studio’s intention is available right now, but if Lionsgate is serious about a Halloween 2014 release, it wouldn’t take much to do.  The original Saw was shot in less than three weeks, and a new film was released every year thereafter until the final film in 2010.

Now the question must be asked, “Do we really need another Saw?”  Well, one could argue that we don’t really need an eighth Nightmare on Elm Street or an eleventh Friday the 13th, but at least we got those movies over the course of several decades.  The Saw franchise has reached its eighth film within 10 years of its debut, running the risk of being overexposed.  The gore has never taken a back seat in the franchise and is the true drawing power, but the story, once shocking and an amazing twist in the original, became overly convoluted and self contradictory to the point that the final installment was the worst box-officer performer of the lot.