It took about two hours, but Wichita Falls Police were finally able to locate a naked man they had received multiple complaints about.

The first call came through at about 2:08pm Friday (4/21). The caller claimed to have seen a white or Hispanic male walking around the South Lake Park Drive area with his junk hanging through his zipper.

At around 2:46pm police received a report of a completely naked man walking around a home in the 4900 block of South Lake Park Drive.

Finally, at around 4:00pm police arrived on the scene after a caller said a naked man was hanging upside down in a shed in an open backyard of a home on that same block.

That’s where officers found 31-year-old Gilberto Rodriguez in his birthday suit with clothing nearby that matched the description callers had given over the course of the previous two hours.

Rodriguez claimed he was preparing to have sex with a woman in the shed. He said the woman exposed his naked body after she knocked over a piece of plywood. Police weren’t able to locate a woman on the scene.

Rodriguez was arrested and charged with Indecent Exposure.

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