Wichita Falls police have arrested Radu Benone of California, and are charging him with two counts of engaging in Organized Criminal Activity-Theft.   He is believed to be part of a “phone theft ring”, that has been traveling all around the state, allegedly stealing smart phones, and other electronics, from different Wal-Mart locations.

Radu Benone Wichita County Jail
Radu Benone Wichita County Jail

Texoma’s Homepage is reporting that the Wal-Mart at 5131 Greenbriar Road was one of the first locations reporting the theft to police.   The store’s surveillance video shows a group of three men huddling around the display case that contained smart phones.  Two of those men tried to provide cover to the third man, who was trying to pick the lock to the case.  Police believe that Radu Benone is one of those three men.  The three suspects are reported to have stolen $1,900 worth of merchandise from the store.

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The other two Wal-Mart locations in the Wichita Falls area, have also reported similar thefts.  After reviewing the surveillance video, police believe that the same three men are involved in the theft from those two stores as well.  After speaking with the Wal-Mart corporate office, and other police agencies, investigators learned that the same three suspects, shown in the store's surveillance videos, have actually been traveling to different Wal-Mart locations all over the state, stealing merchandise.

So, if you’re in the market for a new smart phone, then be sure that you purchase it from an authentic retailer.   You don’t want to end up buying stolen merchandise, or even getting scammed by thieves.

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