Just yesterday I wrote about a Wichita Falls man who was arrested for trying to run away from law enforcement on his bicycle.  He ended up crashing his bike, and was then taken into custody.  You can read all about that by clicking here.  Now a Wichita Falls man has been sentenced after he stole a bicycle from a local store, and tried to outrun the store’s employees who chased him down the road.

According to KFDX, back in March 2020, Thomas Wagner visited the Endurance House located on Taft Blvd.  After browsing the store for a bit, Thomas then stole a bicycle from the store’s display, and fled the scene.   As soon as the store’s employees saw Wagner take off with the bicycle, they chased after them.  When they caught up with him, Wagner abandoned the bike and took off on foot.  Fortunately, the store’s employees were then able to then recover the stolen merchandise.

However, one employee kept chasing Wagner through a residential area, even after he got off of the stolen bike.   While Wager was running through the neighborhood, he found a green bicycle at someone’s house.  He then stole that bike too, hopped on, and started riding away.  Unfortunately, the employee who was chasing him eventually ran out of breath, and Wagner got away.

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Wagner soon ran out of luck, and 20 minutes later he was spotted by an officer.  Law enforcement then apprehended him, and took him into custody.  Wagner pled guilty to burglary, and an unrelated drug possession charge.  Earlier this week he was sentenced, and was given five years’ probation for both charges.

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