A man in San Diego isn’t having a good week. He robbed a church on Wednesday morning, and did his crime while wearing a purple tutu and an oversized shirt. Now he’s in police custody, and his friends will be laughing at him for a long time.

It started in the early morning hours on Wednesday, when Joshua Mahlon was allegedly seen by a neighbor, acting suspicious and loading musical instruments and electronic equipment into his truck at the church. The person calling in described him as wearing what looked like an oversized shirt and a purple sparkly tutu.

When police arrived, Mahlon fled and climbed over a fence. It was at that point that he lost his clothing and continued running naked.

He’s also described as being 6’3’’, and I’m getting a laugh out of this image.

Now he’s in police custody, and I’m betting that if he decides to pull a stunt like this again, he’ll probably choose a black tutu. Not only are they more flattering, they show up less under the darkness of night.

Huffington Post