Next Tuesday is a big day…literally. This year, February 21st is Mardi Gras, or translated, Fat Tuesday. The day we all party down and do all kinds of sinful things before giving it all up for Lent. Yes, even the dogs.

Why shouldn’t dogs get to have some fun for Mardi Gras? There are a lot of people who agree they should. There is even a Barkus Parade in New Orleans. With an estimated 1500 dogs attending, it’s known as the largest dog parade in the world.

Here are some pictures of pooches who are ready to celebrate Big Easy style.

Looking Boss in Purple Velour

The Fancy Boa

The Tin Dog

A Pair of Pretty Pugs

A Painted Pup

The Joker Pooch

The Beaded Hound

The Very Fancy Dog

The Golden Prince

Masters of Mardi Gras