Just because Matthew McConaughey was arrested while playing the congas naked doesn't mean he gave up playing the congas naked. Mostly because Matthew McConaughey is not a quitter.

As he revealed in an interview with GQ (via Us Weekly), "Of course, I still play the congas naked. I just close the windows."

If you don't remember the incident in question, let us refresh your memories. Way back in 1999, neighbors called police to complain about the loud music coming from McConaughey's home.

When the cops arrived, they found the actor in the nude playing the conga drums, which is probably an image they will take to their graves.

Wouldn't you?

MMcC was eventually fined a whole $50 for the noise and charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Now you can find him fully clothed on the cover of GQ's Men of the Year issue or playing a frightening 135 lb. drug addict in the film 'Dallas Buyers Club.' Hmmmm, we think we prefer naked and playing the congas.