Melanie Martinez shared a new video teaser promoting her upcoming album and film K-12 on Wednesday (May 29). She also finally gave fans a release date for her sophomore album: September 6.

The new video teaser shows Martinez and another person, both in dresses, smoking as they walk the grounds of a large estate. They mutter back and forth trying not to get caught. Martinez asks her friend if they ever wondered who they were in a past life. They consider they could have been a mother and daughter, or conjoined twins in a freak show.

Each of the three teaser videos released so far shows Martinez donning a dress that reads "K-12." The background of the latest teaser shows where the album cover artwork was photographed.

On May 15, Martinez wiped her social media accounts, uploading only a single creepy video teaser. In an interview with Billboard, Martinez said that her sophomore album will be released alongside a musical film.

Watch the new video teaser for K-12, below.

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