Viral rap sensation Millie B is back at it.

The U.K.-based grime artist dropped her new single, "Meant to Bee," Wednesday (Jan. 25).

The track chronicles the viral success of the rapper's previous song "Soph Aspin Send," a.k.a. "M to the B," as well as blowing up on social media platform TikTok and how she really feels about being called a "chav."

Watch Millie B's "Meant To Bee" Music Video:

Millie B's new song comes shortly after Kim Kardashian used "M to the B" in a comedic makeup tutorial on TikTok.

In a duet video, Millie B follows Kardashian's lead, applying heavy amounts of makeup to achieve the iconic "chav girl" look.

In the comments section, TikTok users expressed their surprise that Kardashian used the track in a video.

"Kim in her UK era," the official Domino's U.K. account commented.

"You know you’ve made it when Kim K uses your song," another wrote.

"Wait it actually just hit me how mad it is that Kim Kardashian used this song," someone else shared.

"M to the B" is actually a song called "Soph Aspin Send," which was originally released in or around 2017. The song is a diss track aimed toward another indie grime artist named Soph Aspin.

The song went viral on TikTok in 2020 thanks to influencer-turned-pop artist Bella Porch, who used the track in a short facial expression video that has been viewed more than 740 million times to date.

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