That's right, Wichita Falls once had the pleasure to host the iconic Monday Night Raw.

Although I am not as big of a wrestling fan as I was during the Attitude Era, I still keep up with it from time to time. Whenever WWE comes to Wichita Falls, it is a must attend event for me. I mainly think of Wichita Falls as the place for house shows in the WWE. Which means the shows are not filmed for television.

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Turns out, we once had the live taping of Monday Night Raw back in 2004. Since Raw just celebrated 30 years this week. Let's take a look back at the Wichita Falls event from September 6th of that year.

Four Man Tag Team Match

The night started out with a match against Chris Benoit & William Regal & Tajiri & Rhyno taking on Ric Flair & Batista & La Resistance. Chris Benoit's team would kick off Raw with a win.


Trish Stratus Defeats Nidia

Hell yeah, my girl Trish Stratus got a win in Wichita Falls? Let's go!!!!! Thankful I actually found video of some of these. You can see the Kay Yeager Coliseum red seats as the camera pans throughout the crowd.

Triple H Defeats Eugene in a Steel Cage Match

This video actually has several clips in it. If you just want to see this particular match, fast forward to the eight minute mark in the video. I am so happy to see that Wichita Falls Raw had the best intro song ever for Raw. 'Across the Nation' will NEVER be topped.

Tyson Tomko (with Christian) Defeats Chris Jericho

Sorry no video of this one. Since no one uploaded a video, YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!


Randy Orton Beats Kane in a Steal Cage Match to Keep WWE World Heavyweight

Damn Wichita Falls got two steel cage matches? Pretty sweet. If anyone happened to be at this show back in the day. Send some photos or footage my way, would love to see it.

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