One of the negatives of summer, rattlesnakes start coming to say hi.

Rattlesnakes are just like us during the summer. Always trying to get out of the hot Texas sun and into some shade. That shade could be under your porch, in your garage, or maybe your shed. Texas Game Warden Eddie Hood told KAUZ he has been getting a lot more calls about rattlesnakes in and around people's homes in the Wichita Falls area in the past month.

He said development of new homes and businesses is pushing the rattlesnakes out of their natural habitat. The one plus to the increase of rattlesnakes is there are now fewer rodents running around the city because the snakes eat them.

Hood advises anyone who encounters a rattlesnake or hears one to freeze, look around try to identify where that snake is, make sure there are not any others around and then slowly back up.

Hood said to be alert if they coil up and raise their head that is when rattlesnakes are ready to strike.

Just a heads up in case you're someone that lets the kids or pets play in the backyard; you may want to keep a close eye on them.

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