Stories, legends, tales, hauntings...whatever word you use, they are all different ways to describe history. 

If you are telling a story, its the same as reciting history, the only thing that makes the same into a legend or tale is the amount of flair you add to it. The same can be said for hauntings and ghost stories. It's very rare to find something brand new that is haunted; because history and hauntings go hand-in-hand.

Even when you hear a story of a brand new building having hauntings, you generally find out about something horrific that happened on the land before, or that the foundation is on a burial ground of some kind.

Across the United States, there are incredible stories of paranormal activity and hauntings from coast to coast. But in every state, the most haunted locations all have history to support their ghostly claims.

From hotels with tragic pasts, to factories full of industrial accidents, the hauntings across the country all have some history that gets tied into their tales. We looked at all of these stories, locations, and reports to comes up with the most haunted locations in every state. This is more of an aggregate ranking, looking at what we can find from investigations, historians, and researchers online.

In some cases, we weren't able to pick just one single structure in a location, and in some cases, there's not even a "structure". You can see what we mean with the list right here:

The Most Haunted Location In Every State

We researched the most haunted locations in all 50 states, and these are the results we came up with.

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