Of course, a cat or a dog is going to take the lead for most popular in every state. What would be the next pet up?

Right now I only have one pet, an English Bulldog named Bruce Wayne. Throughout my life I have had several dogs, some hamsters and also a few fish. What kind of pets are people in our state getting? Obviously, dogs and cats lead the country. Maybe a specific breed is more popular per state, but Insider eliminated all dogs and cats for their survey.

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What would be the next most popular pet? For Texas, it would be lizards. Apparently, reptiles are very popular pets in our states and lizards make up 59.4% of the reptile pet population in our state. I have personally never had one, but always wanted one as a kid.

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For Oklahoma, it is actually parrots. A pet I never wanted in my life, after I saw my dad get bit by one when I was a child. Also, my neighbor used to petsit one occasionally and it was the most annoying thing ever. I hate parrots, but Oklahomans love them. In fact, they make the top ten most owned pets in Oklahoma. The first nine are dog breeds, then it is parrots. Yup, parrots beat out cats in Oklahoma for pets.

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