Another random idea that popped in my head, what happens when you just type Wichita Falls into Getty Images?

One of the biggest complaints with the stories I write, besides my awful spelling sometimes, is the photos. I am constantly being told, why do you use this photo instead of this one? Honestly, it's because I don't have the rights to those photos. Some of you may think I can type in whatever I want in Google Images and click download.

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Sorry, not how it works. We have to get permission from the photographer or creator. That can be a big ordeal. That is why 99% of the time on our site you will see a credit given to Getty Images. We have the rights to all of their photos on the editorial side of things. So what happens when you type in our city?

70% of the photos are from the Dallas Cowboys training camp. Which I plan on putting ALL of them on our site one day. The most popular photo from that will surprise you. Then some other random events in our city, people from our city and even something not from our city. Wichita and Wichita Falls do get confused a lot and Getty Images is no exception.

Most Popular Wichita Falls Photos on Getty Images

What happens when you search Wichita Falls on one of the biggest professional photo sites online? Here are the top results and some of these you may not even know about.

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