MrBeast is defending his friend Chris Tyson amid the latter's gender journey.

In a tweet earlier this month, Tyson, a digital content creator and regular on the MrBeast YouTube channel, revealed they have been undergoing HRT [hormone replacement therapy], which is a part of gender-affirming care.

After revealing their journey, Tyson received a wave of transphobic backlash online, including many harmful YouTube videos speculating about their gender, their family and the supposed impact their transition could have on the MrBeast brand.

On Twitter, a supportive user shared a screenshot of a YouTube video titled "Why Chris Will Soon Be a Nightmare for MrBeast" and slammed its content as offensive.

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"This new sunnyv2 video feels really invasive for all the wrong reasons. Like why did [you] make this? [You] delved into the man's marriage and s--t, it's just really off-putting and unnecessary," the user tweeted.

MrBeast agreed with the sentiment.

Responding to the tweet, the YouTube star assured the user that Tyson is his friend and that he is tired of the transphobic comments directed toward them.

"Yeah, this is getting absurd. Chris isn’t my 'nightmare,' he’s my f---en friend and things are fine. All this transphobia is starting to piss me off," MrBeast tweeted.

MrBeast's comment comes about a week after Tyson opened up about their gender journey, sharing that they have been receiving hormone therapy for two months.

"I’m genuinely so glad so many people are learning what HRT is and how it CAN and HAS helped so many people because of my tweet," Tyson tweeted April 6.

Tyson added they were "super nervous" about going public with their journey because they are generally a private person to begin with. However, they did note it's been "amazing" to see the many open conversations spark from them going public.

Tyson also revealed that they do not currently identify as any specific gender, despite some media reports that have incorrectly gendered them.

[Ed. note: According to Tyson's Twitter account bio, they go by "any" pronouns. For consistency we are using "they/them" in this article.]

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