Ah, Punk'd. The good 'ole television days where Ashton Kutcher would conspire some evil, yet hilarious prank to play on pop culture's most well-known celebrities. Although MTV mainly houses overly dramatic reality and dating shows now, we have good news - it's bringing Punk'd back, as reported by TVLine.

The reboot already has 20 episodes planned, but there will be a modern-twist implemented - each will be less than 10 minutes long, so that they are mobile-friendly. With the diminishing length of the human attention span, this is actually a pretty smart move. The new-and-improved Punk'd will be produced by STXtelevision with the help of MTV Studios.

Singled Out, a dating show that appeared on the channel in the late 90s, will receive a reboot as well. The episodes will be available to stream on Quibi, a mobile entertainment platform, as opposed to the actual MTV cable channel.

Not quite what you'd expect, but considering the show has featured pranks played on rockers like Tommy Lee, Jack and Kelly Osbourne, Dave Navarro and Mike Shinoda, we're not complaining. Maybe, just maybe, this will even be the start of MTV rebooting some other nostalgic series too. Or maybe they'll actually feature music on the channel again.

Yeah, that's probably wishful thinking, we know. At least we're getting a reboot of the claymation Celebrity Deathmatch, too.

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