MTV has caused a huge stir with their new series, "Skins".  Based on the British show of the same name, "Skins" is about a group of alcohol-drinking, drug-taking, sexually-active teenagers.

Unlike most TV shows and movies, this series is cast with actors playing characters their own age.  Some executives in MTV have been concerned that MTV might be in violation of child pornography laws by airing scenes of sexual behavior with underage actors.

According to the New York Times, MTV executives have ordered the producers to tame down future episodes to avoid any legal reactions.  The Parents Television Council reviewed the premiere episode this week and reported 42 instances of drugs and alcohol, an average of one reference per minute of air time.  Cast member Danny Flaherty told that the series could provide both parents and teens with good lessons.

"It would even be a great conversation opener,"

Good lessons?  Maybe.  But I can't help but be concerned about the glorifying of this situation.  How many teens will watch this show and have the mentality of, "That's cool!  I want to do that!"?