Come on WFISD do the right thing, you know you want to.

Back in March, I let you know that name submissions were open to name the new high schools in Wichita Falls. I of course put my idea in for Tom Landry High School, named after the legendary Dallas Cowboys coach. You may remember Bobby Hill went to Tom Landry Middle School on 'King of the Hill'.

Bobby's favorite city is Wichita Falls, so why not let Bobby feel right at home with a Tom Landry High School right here in Wichita Falls. The other names being considered according to KFDX are:

  • Burtt William Lauck
  • Charlye O. Farris
  • Dale Minniear
  • Frank Kell
  • Harry Patterson
  • James Martin Hoggard
  • Joe Golding
  • Joseph A. Kemp
  • Kay Dillard
  • Larry McMurtry
  • Lauren Landavazo
  • Lloyd Ruby
  • Nelson Haggerty
  • Virgil B. Taylor
  • Yajaira Garcia
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A report will be coming in on June 21st for the top five names. I pray that Tom Landry High makes it to that top five. The school board is slated to vote on a name in July. Attention school board members reading my article. Do the right thing and pick my selection. You know everyone would want a Tom Landry High School shirt. Hell I want one right now and it's not even real yet.


The new schools are scheduled to open in the fall of 2024. I hope one of them is Tom Landry High. Please!

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