Since 1989, the Library of Congress has chosen 25 films a year to be preserved as part of the National Film Registry. In order to be selected for the list, which now includes over 800 titles from the long history of American cinema, a movie must be found to be “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant. It also needs to be at least 10 years old.

The National Film Registry’s official site says they “strongly encourage the recommendation of a full range of American films, including Hollywood classics, silent era titles, documentaries, educational and industrial movies, as well as films representing the vibrant diversity of cultures and influences of filmmakers: producers, directors, writers, actors, actresses, cinematographers, composers, and other crafts.”

New additions are chosen annually, and the public is welcome to nominate the films they believe should be included. The deadline for 2021’s nominations is next week — which means you are running out of time to lobby for your personal picks.

The full list to date can be found here, and an extensive list of notable films not yet on the registry is available here. If you want to make a nomination, you can use the online submission form here. If you need a little inspiration before you do so, here are five very worthy titles that, at least in my opinion, deserve to be added:

The deadline to submit your own picks (up to 50 different titles if you’re feeling thorough) is September 15. Go get nominating!

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