Since the debut of House of Cards back in 2013, Netflix has steadily upended the modern TV landscape, building a streaming empire less focused on network recyclables and more on original content. Over the last few years, their library has grown from a smattering of insta-popular series to a staggering trove of shows, films, documentaries, and specials. CFO David Wells recently estimated they'll unveil somewhere around 700 original programs within 2018 alone, a number so large it would take well over a full year — if not two — for the average viewer to consume.

But while much of the internet is in a perpetual sprint toward the new and the next, Netflix already houses an extensive stock of bingeable shows and films — many of which, with such a breakneck rollout, are easy to overlook. So, as you mentally prepare for the upcoming onslaught of Netflix originals, take a look back at some of the underrated releases you may have already missed.

Netflix's 10 Most Underrated Original Shows + Movies

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