Laurie Nunn's breakout comedy Sex Education is nearly back in session on Netflix. The trailer for the second season returns with queasy high schooler Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) sitting in a crowded gymnasium as a professional sex expert (sexpert?) gives a speech about the importance of an "open conversation" surrounding the subject. As is any teen's worst nightmare, the sexual health professional also happens to be Otis' mother Jean Milburn (Gillian Anderson). Watch the trailer here:

Season 1 of Sex Education follows the misadventures of Otis as he becomes his school's unexpected sex advice-giver, due to the fact that his mom is a certified sex therapist. Things get out of hand when his friend Maeve (Emma Mackey) helps him capitalize on his natural ability to aide others by setting up an underground sex clinic at their school.

The show feels like a mix of Jon Poll's Charlie Bartlett and Richard Ayoade's Submarine, combining quirky characters with hard-hitting coming-of-age truths. It's hilariously awkward, which is a refreshing antidote to how sex is usually portrayed on screen.

This time around, Otis is trying to navigate the waters of a new relationship while struggling to figure things out with ex-sex clinic partner. And there's a school-wide outbreak of chlamydia. It's the perfect recipe for a teenage crisis, soundtracked appropriately by The Airborne Toxic Event's 2011 song "All At Once."

Season 2 of Sex Education premieres on Netflix January 17th, 2020.

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