As if a serial killing doll isn't scary enough of a story, the new Child's Play took it a step further. The full trailer has finally been released after an image of the new Chucky was unveiled earlier this week. Playing on themes of technology in our modern society, this will probably be the scariest Chucky movie yet.

"Buddi" is advertised as a toy that comes with a downloadable phone app, which allows people to "see what Buddi sees" and other features. The story focuses on a botched "Buddi," which is Chucky, a slaughtering maniacal version of the toy. The rest of the two minute trailer shows several people who become the unfortunate victims of Chucky, and how Andy, the doll's owner, works with law enforcement and devises a plan to stop it.

What makes this Child's Play reboot so terrifying? Well, for starters, it plays on how reliant our society is on technology, and how detrimental it can be for glitches and malfunctions to occur. See for yourself - meet your new best friend, voiced by Mark Hamill, in the trailer below.

The slasher will be out June 21 on Orion Pictures.

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