Stealing federal mail was already a felony, but this will now include packages from delivery services as well.

Texas governor Greg Abbott recently signed House Bill 37. Making it a felony to steal mail AND packages. The bill, set to take effect Sept. 1, says any letter, postal card, package, bag or other sealed item addressed to an individual is considered “mail.” Any individual who steals a listed item that has not been received by the person it was addressed to is violating the new law.

The punishment varies on how many items are stolen:

- First-degree felony if someone stole from more than 50 different people.

- A second-degree felony for stealing from 20 to 50 people different people.

- A third-degree felony for stealing from 10 to 20 different people.

- A state felony for stealing from less than 10 different people.

Felons convicted could face anywhere between 180 days to 10 years in prison. A person convicted could receive a fine of $4,000 to $10,000 or more. A big supporter for this bill is Amazon, whose boxes have become a big target for porch pirates. They look to help push other bills like this in other states as well.


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