"Alien" was one of the greatest suspense films ever made.  The claustrophobic sci-fi/horror film was a perfect blend of jump-out-scares and classic suspense, with the crew of the ship being picked off one-by-one.  Since the original, the series has taken a nose-dive.  I know a lot of people love "Aliens", but I actually consider it one of the worst sequels ever made.  James Cameron's take on the story of "Alien" took away the noir suspense that made the first film original and replaced it with over-the-top action and effects, much like he did going from "Terminator" to "T2: Judgment Day".  Its not a bad movie, but a terrible follow-up to the classic original.  From there we have "Alien 3", "Alien Resurrection", and two sickening "Alien vs Predator" films, each film worse that what came before it.  The only way to return the franchise to its former glory is to go back to the where it began, with the man that started it all.

Ridley Scott is returning to his directing duties for "Prometheus", a film that is described as a prequel to "Alien", taking place in the same universe, but relying on its own mythology and ideas.  Set in the late 21st century, scientists have found a common set of hieroglyphs on several planets, including earth, leading people to seek a common origin for the universe.  Where the "Alien" series quickly switched from a horror story to sci-fi action after the first film, Ridley Scott looks to be going back to the original horror/suspense feel.  I was interested after seeing the first trailer, but now with this trailer, I can't wait for this movie!