Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry has a very weird phobia that he has to deal with at every home game in Kansas City.

In case you didn't know the Kansas City Chiefs have a mascot that takes the field. It is a woman that rides a real life horse on to the field. Most people think it is a cool mascot. It is better than the Dallas Cowboys mascot, Rowdy.

Well Eric Berry does not like this mascot at all. Not the lady just the horse she rode in on. Eric Berry has a phobia called equinophobia which is a fear of horses.(I had to look that up it is real) So every time the horse is on the field Berry is hiding on the sidelines refusing to take the field.

Now only his teammates knew about this. Until NFL Films had Berry miked up this past Sunday. Now the entire world knows that Eric Berry is scared of horses. Sorry Eric, hopefully the Chiefs change mascots so you don't have to deal with the horse anymore.

Watch Eric Berry Freak Out Over A Horse Below: