Nicki Minaj has clarified the retirement announcement she made on Twitter last month.

In a new interview with The Shade Room that was posted on Sunday (Oct. 20), Nicki explained that when she previously announced her retirement from the rap game, she was only referring to her fifth studio album. While that is still up in the air, she clarified that fans will still get to hear her bars on features at the very least.

"When I posted that retirement tweet, I knew that I had music that was already recorded that was still going to come out," Nicki explained. "So, the retirement was kind of talking about my album like meaning like, do I want to go back and record my fifth album? That’s what I was talking about, but I knew that of course features—I always get asked to do features and I like features. So it was really about my fifth album."

As for what to expect if there is a fifth album, Nicki said she is looking to feature both DaBaby and Gunna on the project.

"I mean I just recently collaborated with DaBaby, so he know he gotta return that favor!" Nicki said–which DaBaby will be happy to hear, as he wanted her on his new album Kirk, but the timing didn't work out. "And Gunna, I love Gunna! So IF there is an album... There's going to be way more than that on the album if there is an album, but those are two new people who I haven't had on an album yet who I would love to work with them just because now that I've gotten to know them, they both are sweet and respectful and also just dope at their craft. And it was also dope working with Megan as well. That's just in terms of rap, but of course I like to experiment with different genres. So there would be—if there's an album—there would be other surprises."

Nicki, who toured Europe earlier this year, is expected to wed boyfriend Kenneth "Zoo" Petty this month.

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