You basically put these puppies in a coffin. Who the hell does this? 

Exactly one week ago, I did a story about someone duct taping a dog to the side of the road here in Texas. I didn't think it could get worse than that, but maybe this story is worse. Someone put nine puppies into a cooler that you would use for beer and just left them on the side of the road in Hunts County.

The puppies were found by someone looking to repurpose the cooler, but when she opened it up she was shocked as to what she found. Nine puppies, who were covered in urine and feces. She called the local animal rescue who came to get the puppies. Luckily, all the puppies were found to be healthy.

Local vets said they couldn't have been in there for more than a few hours. They wouldn't have survived long if it would have been longer. The puppies are recovering just fine. If anyone is interested in adopting one of these pups, contact Hunts County Pets Alive organization.