Three and a half months after 35-year-old Heath Hodges from Iowa Park was shot and killed by Chief Deputy Perry Shaw, officials have announced that there will be no arrests and no charges filed.

After reviewing the evidence, a Foard County Grand Jury has no-billed the case against Shaw.

Hodges was shot on December 30, 2017 inside a home on North Main Street in Crowell. When a call about a man with a gun went out, Deputy Shaw was reportedly the first to arrive at the scene. While Sheriff Brown was on his way, he says he got a shots fired call from Deputy Shaw, KFDX reports.

Details of the shooting are still being withheld, but according to reports, when Sherriff Brown arrived, he found Hodges shot. Paramedics attempted to revive Hodges but he died on the way to the hospital.

"These cases are very serious and sensitive in nature," 100th District Attorney Luke Inman said. "On one hand, you have grieving family members of the deceased; on the other, you have a person who used deadly force ultimately resulting in someone’s death."

Inman went on to say that the reason this case took so long is because of the time it took to secure all necessary and relevant materials. "Their [Texas Rangers Division] exhaustive investigation ultimately led to the grand jury’s decision," said Inman.

Following the shooting, Shaw was placed on administrative leave pending the investigation. He has since been reinstated.

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