Big Nolan Ryan fan? Plan a trip to the movies next week.

Although I am not a Texas Rangers fan, I am fully aware of the impact that Nolan Ryan had on the game of baseball. Trust me, growing up in Baltimore I have heard of the massive upset of the New York Mets over my Baltimore Orioles from older generations that Nolan was a part of. Nolan Ryan played the game for 27 seasons, which is a record that I don't know will ever be broken.

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He played for the Mets, Angels, Astros and Rangers. He has his number retired by three of those teams and only two other players have that honor. He has the most no hitters all time and received 491 out of 497 possible votes to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame back in 1999. Would love to know the six people that didn't think he should go in that year.

Nolan Ryan I would say only didn't accomplish two things. Never threw for a perfect game, which not that big of a deal with all those no hitters. The other, which is very surprising to me. Never won a Cy Young award. The award that goes to the best pitcher in baseball every year. You mean to tell me, during his 27 year career, he didn't deserve to win that once?!

If you're a Nolan Ryan or just a baseball fan in general. A documentary is coming out called facing Nolan. Looks like a bunch of hall of fame pitchers are a part of this, but what I am most excited for are the hitters. The guys that had to try to hit those pitches. If you want to check it out, it will actually be playing right here in Wichita Falls at Cinemark on Tuesday May 24th. Looks like two showings that day at 7 and 7:30 that night.

Now I just have to get my baseball fix in August win my Orioles go to Arlington and hopefully beat the Rangers. Sorry Rangers fans.

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