Does the afterlife have Twitter? 

Jacqueline Vandagriff attended Texas Women's University and was studying nutrition at the university. Police found her body on September 15th. She was brutally dismembered and set on fire. Charles Dean Bryant has been charged with capital murder in the case. The two met at a bar in the Denton area the night before.

Charles Dean Bryant bought a shovel from Wal-mart around 4 in the morning after the two met. Police found a part of Bryant's property dug up for an alleged grave. Police found Vandagriff's body about twenty miles away from Bryant's property in a kiddie pool. In a search of Bryant's home, police found Vandagriff's purse. Also, a patch of dead grass where a kiddie pool would be.

The part of the case that has everyone freaking out is a mysterious tweet that popped up on Vandagriff's Twitter account. The tweet stated “Never knew I could feel like this.” This was posted the day after her death. People are assuming someone is playing a sick joke or could it actually be Jacqueline trying to communicate with us from beyond the grave?