Alright, October is around the corner and you want to get scared, right? Did you know this is not too far away from us?

You know in the next few weeks Haunted Houses will be popping up around town and those are always fun. I learned today that the Guinness World Record Holder for World's Largest Haunted Attraction is over in Fort Worth. Hey, everything is bigger in Texas wins again.

It is called Cutting Edge and is an old meatpacking plant. Leatherface would be proud. It's located at 1701 East Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth. Their grand opening is set for this weekend on September 28th. They say it takes just under an hour to walk through the whole thing and around 100 plus actors are part of the fun. It's also been voted one of the best-haunted attractions in the country as well.

Also, they do warn you will get wet and actors are in the parking lot to scare you before you even get in. So be prepared for all that. Hopefully, the wet warning is not people peeing their pants, which I am sure has happened judging by some of the photos.


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