It’s pretty common for police officers to work as crossing guards, and help people walk across the street.  Typically, you’ll find officers directing traffic either at schools or major events like concerts or ballgames. Last weekend, the Richardson police department posted a video on their Facebook page that shows one of their officers, stopping traffic on a major road in order to protect some ducklings.

In the post, the department said, “Everyone needs a little help sometimes.”  During the quick 18-second video, which has now gone viral, you can see that the police had brought traffic to a standstill, to protect the ducks.  You can then see the police officer follow the mother duck, and her little ducklings as they crossed the street.  He even waited until the very last duckling hopped up onto the curb.

Most users who follow the Richardson Police Department on Facebook were very appreciative of the police officers’ efforts to protect the ducklings crossing the street.  One follower commented, “This is a very nice thing to do.  Thanks so much for your service.  Also, thanks so much for helping that duck with its ducklings crossing the road.”

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Another person commented, “Love, love, love! Thank you, officer! And I love how Momma makes sure all her babies make it up on the curb.”

After the mother duck, and all of her ducklings successfully crossed the street and were out of harm’s way, the police contacted animal control so that they could be relocated to a safe area, away from traffic.

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