They always say it's always better to be safe than sorry. 

Odds are you have probably not heard of the town of Ector, Texas. It's just northeast of Denton. Nothing really to brag about in the small town. Your average person just drives right by it on the highway. The town is making headlines because they have become the ultimate doomsday preppers.

They're stockpiling guns and provisions. Along with building a series of underground tunnels and bunkers to live in. A DNA vault is also being installed. The unique neighborhood is called Trident Lakes and they're sparing no expense on this thing. It is a $300 million project being built on 700 acres just west of Ector, with an emphasis on safety and sustainability.

"You get life assurances for when stuff really gets bad, but while you're at it you live in a five-star resort waiting for that doomsday," said Trident Lakes spokesman Richie Whitt. The plan includes three white sand lagoons, a gun range, golf course and a polo field. There will be a massive, solid-marble fountain at the entrance that rivals any in Las Vegas, according to Whitt.

People think "probably that it's another one of those doomsday cults that are stocking cans and burying their money outback, when we're so far from that," he said. Developers say they'll have enough food, water and electricity to live off the grid for a year. They expect the first residents to begin moving in by early 2018.

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