It just seems like these clowns are never going to stop.

Three North Texas teenagers, one 13 and the other two 14 years old, were arrested Wednesday (10/12) after they broke into a woman's home wearing clown masks.

Tuesday night (10/11) in Gainesville, Texas, a woman fell asleep on her couch. At some point in the night, she was awoken by three intruders, two of them were wearing clown masks. They were carrying BB guns and started shooting around the room. The boys didn't say anything to the woman, but they were speaking Spanish to each other.

One of the boys shot her in the face with the BB gun. Police said the woman suffered injuries to her nose and arm. They did not release her exact condition.

Police believe the break in had something to do with a dispute between the suspects and the homeowner's oldest son.

All three suspects have been charged with burglary of a habitation. Their identities will not be released due to their ages.