After last year's Academy Awards when Best Supporting Actress Melissa Leo dropped the first ever Oscar F-Bomb, its understandable that the Acadmy would want to be careful this year, using a slight delay to catch an slip ups that emotional winners might have.  They caught one, but unfortunately the Academy's censors don't speak French.

First, during the Best Documentary award, the winning makers of the Sean Combs produced film "Undefeated" were muted and their speech cut short when TJ Martin said "f***ing awesome".  Assuring that this wasn't planned or a publicity stunt to one-up Melissa Leo's f-bomb last year, Martin blushed and said,

"It's just that you have 45 seconds to say everything."

Later in the night after any tension over the documentary f-bomb subsided, the crowd was equally shocked and thrilled over the upset win of Jean Dujardin for his leading role in "The Artist", which moments later won for "Best Picture".  The French-speaking Dujardin primarily gave his acceptance speech in English, but slipped some French in with his excitement.  When Dujardin made his way backstage for the customary media interviews, a tweet from Gilles Marini, proficient in French, tipped Eonline off to Dujardin's use of the French equivalent of the F-word,

"I guess it's a French night . I like when someone curse "f*** this is awesome " on national tv and no one biped it ;)) congrats #theartist"

When asked about it during the press conference, Dujardin mistakenly thought he was being asked for a general translation of what he said, to which his translator leaned in and explained what was being asked.  When Dujardin understood the question and what he did, he just smiled and apologized.