Just last week, "Twi-Hards" were treated to a teaser for the teaser trailer to "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 2".  Now fans have to full teaser trailer to drool over... even if its almost exactly the same as the teaser teaser.

"Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 2" will be dealing with the transformation of Bella into a "vampire" and a full member of the Cullen clan, as well as the final confrontation with the ruling vampire group, The Volturi, over Edward and Bella's new daughter.

I find it kinda funny that a major criticism from fans about the film versions of "Breaking Dawn" is that there wasn't enough in the book to warrant splittling the film in "Harry Potter fashion.  The result in "Breaking Dawn part 1" was many scenes that went on for too long, that could have been shortened by up to half and still retain the information and desired effect.  It is funny that you look at these trailers in the same sense, this 50 second teaser trailer doesn't really show all that much more compared to the 15 second teaser teaser from last week.  The biggest difference the new trailer has is the revealing of Bella as a "vampire" with the red eyes and hunting her prey.  I think one of the best things the makers of the "Twilight Saga" have done is hyping up the films for the fans using as little as possible to wet their appetites, a brilliant marketing move (Just look at their idea of a teaser poster above).  However, I think the teaser teaser is going to far.  I'm sure many fans are still excited and screaming over this new teaser, but doing a teaser teaser with the same major shots from the "full" teaser is overkill and takes away some of the impact of the bigger trailer release.