Over the weekend police in Akron, Ohio discovered a 58-foot-long bridge that had been stolen more than a month ago. A man — David Bramley of Medina, Ohio — was arrested and charged with its theft.

The bridge, which once was installed at in a local parkland, was being stored in a nearby field. It measures 58 feet long, 10 feet wide and 6 feet tall and was put into storage as the park underwent a wetland restoration project, according to WKYC.


The Associated Press reported that the bridge was removed from its original resting place in the early '00s. There were plans in place to utilize it for a Battered Women's shelter project.

However, police noticed that components of the bridge were stolen on Nov. 3. The remainder of the structure was reported missing Nov. 11.

The Akron Police Department shared several photos of the bridge on Facebook in mid-December. They also asked for any tips to help track it down.

By now, you're probably all wondering the same thing we were: How does one steal a 58-foot-long bridge?

Detectives believe that 63-year-old Bramley contracted a local trucking company and utilized a crane to pick up the bridge and place it on a vehicle. The bridge was then moved to its new resting place on his property in Medina.

Multiple tips linked Bramley to the theft, according to Insider.

He has been charged with felony theft charges and is due to be arraigned in court on Dec. 23.

Meanwhile, the bridge is expected to be returned to its storage place in the near future.

This isn't the first time the area has made national headlines this month.

Last week, investigators in nearby Twinsburg, Ohio were able to identify the remains of a body that was discovered in the early '80s. After using DNA testing and genealogical research, police confirmed that they belonged to Frank "Frankie" Little Jr., who was once a songwriter and guitarist for the popular R&B group, The O'Jays.

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