That's a pretty brutal way to get murdered and this woman maybe crazy in my opinion.

The trial on this case is set to begin in Oklahoma City. Back in 2016, Fifty-one-year-old Juanita Gomez allegedly forced a crucifix and medallion down her daughter's throat killing her. Her daughter was thirty-three-year-old Geneva Gomez. Geneva was killed inside her own residence and reports show her mother believed she was possessed by the devil.

Juanita Gomez has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. Gomez attempted to fake a memory loss problem, but a psychologist said she was competent to stand trial. Prosecutors described the murder scene as horrific. Geneva Gomez’s boyfriend, Francisco Merlos, testified that when he found Gomez’s body, her arms were spread out as if she had been crucified. The trial is expected to conclude at the end of this week.

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