The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office has released two Facebook videos recorded by Michael Vance, the accused shooter of four citizens and two Wellston police officers.

Vance recorded the two videos, which have been compiled into one video below, after being released from the Lincoln County jail after being detained relating to accusations of child sexual assault. In the first video, Vance refers to his incarceration as a set up, saying "she" knew that he would do something if he was released,

It was all a (expletive) setup. She knew I would flip out. That’s why she was worried about me getting out of jail. That’s why she was freaked out.

Vance acknowledged his sister during the video, thanking her for her love and support. Vance once again referred to "she", saying he was coming for her and new man.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Vance for two counts for first-degree murder. Of his six victims two have died, Ronald and Valerie Kay Wilkson, his uncle and aunt. Their bodies were discovered in their home with gash marks to Valerie's arm and Ronald's neck, leading investigators to believe Vance tried to cut off Valerie's arm and Ronald's head after shooting and killing them. The two officers shot by Vance were treated at a local hospital and released overnight.

In Vance's second video he says that things got more intense than he was expecting and he would be ditching his vehicle and stealing a new one. Officials believe Vance may have returned to central Oklahoma and others could be in danger. CBS reports that Vance had a hit list that includes as many as eight more people.

Vance was last seen Monday (10/24) morning about 30 miles from the Texas border in western Oklahoma, about 165 miles from Wellston.