This has been a law in Texas for a while now, but more and more people are adopting this policy.

Up in Guthrie, Oklahoma, they have a new city ordinance. It allows the local police department to fine parents that don't have a valid excuse for their child not being in school. There are several steps in this process, but here is how it will go.

A school representative will call the parent once the student reaches a certain number of absences. If the calls are ignored, then the school's student resource officer could be involved. The student resource officer will then work with the parents and student to come up with a solution. After that, they'll issue a warning or a fine, depending on how many days of school the student has missed.

Guthrie Public Schools Superintendent Mike Simpson believes the initiative will help raise grades saying, in part, "We want our students to succeed and we need them in our classrooms in order to reach their capabilities." Fines can range from $50 all the way up to $250.

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