If a deal is not met soon, Oklahoma kids may be getting some time off school.

Oklahoma teachers are fed up with their pay. According to ABC 8 in Tulsa, Oklahoma teachers have literally the worst pay in the entire country. Your average Oklahoma teacher makes $31,600, which ranks dead last in the United States. If an increase is not approved in the next couple of weeks, teachers are prepared to walk out.

"Frustration levels are high, so a strike is not a touchy word anymore," said Molly Jaynes, a teacher in Oklahoma City. Teachers also said they have done everything by the book and no changes have been made. They feel like a strike is the last resort and then maybe legislators will finally make some changes.

"I think we have surpassed the point of conversations, and I don't think that there's anything the legislators have provided us recently to give us any sort of hope that they're going to take actual actions this time," said Jaynes.

When could a possible strike happen? According to reports, the first week of April. That would be standardized state testing week, which would cause a lot of problems for those schools and the state as a whole. In my opinion, probably the most effective week for a strike.

Teachers are already preparing for repercussions from a possible strike. One teacher was quoted as saying,  "If we strike, I double dare you to fire us. We'll just go to Texas; they're looking for new teachers."

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