Everyone brings some kind of baggage to a relationship, whether it’s a past divorce, personal struggles, or, like what might be the case with One Direction’s Harry Styles, koala chlamydia. Him and his fellow boy band member Liam Payne fear they might have contracted the illness from when a koala peed on them during their Australia-New Zealand tour. Whoops!

But does that minor upset make Styles any less of a teen hunk? Nope. And ladies, though you may be rolling your eyes and thinking this guy is too young for you (is 18 too young?), just keep in mind that he likes the older crowd.

We’re not saying he’s a cougar chaser, but it’s long been known that he “sometimes” has a soft spot for the over-30 crowd, which in the eyes of a teen is considered “old.” American model Emma Ostilly, 18, who he was caught in a mini make-out session with, is just an exception.

If you remember, he even went after former ‘Bachelorette’ Jillian Harris, but the 32-year-old turned him down. Looks like boyish charm only gets you so far.

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