The Farrelly Brothers ("Dumb & Dumber", "There's Something About Mary") have been trying to get their "Three Stooges" film off the ground for almost ten years now.  One year ago, they had a cast locked in with Sean Penn set to play Larry Fine, Jim Carrey playing Curly Howard and Benicio Del Toro as Moe Howard.  Due to various delays and Sean Penn wanting to concentrate on Haiti relief, all three bowed out of the project.  The Farrelly Brothers have not stopped their plans and have found their new Curly.

Former "Mad-TV" star and current cast member of "Sh*t My Dad Says" Will Sasso has been locked in to play Jerome "Curly" Howard.  No word yet on casting for the remaining two stooges, however Johnny Knoxville has been rumored for the role of Moe since the original three left the project.

The film, which the Farrelly Brothers hope to start production on next month, will no be a biographical film of the Stooges, but a new fictional story set in modern times.

Never did I think I'd be happy to see Jim Carrey leave a role and it be filled by Will Sasso, but I love this!  Never felt like Carrey was a good fit for the role, but Sasso seems to have been born for the role.  I've been a lifelong fan of Howard, Fine and Howard and I just hope this film does their legacy justice.

via Entertainment Weekly