These shirts might actually be Drew Carey's fault. 

'The Price is Right' is one of the greatest game shows ever made. We all watched this show on sick days home from school. Bob Barker was the best host, but someone had to fill those shoes. When Drew Carey took over in 2007, he went on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' to promote it. Conan did the classic, 'In the year 2000' bit with him.

Drew said he was not going to be your 'Daddy's Price is Right host, when he introduces the new game. Two in the Plinko, one in the Stinko.' Looks like that bit has come back to haunt Drew at a recent taping of the show. A pair of guys with front row seats got that 'new game' prominently displayed on the front of their shirts.

I found it hilarious. The average daytime CBS viewer, probably not so much. You can see the shirt was blurred out at the beginning of the show and then halfway through taping. The guy was seen with a piece of black tape over the second half of the saying.

Watch the Two in the Plinko, One in the Stinko Below (Sorry for Quality)

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